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FamilySkiTrips.co.uk and the Hoving Family – Skiing holidays and how to keep the costs down

Hi! We are the Hoving family and we love to ski! Dad Hoving grew up skiing, Mum Hoving learnt when she met him at 20 years old and the Boy Hovings were put on skis in nappies.

You can go skiing on a budget!

We have never had high earning jobs but we didn’t want to give up on skiing holidays and so we have found ways to keep the costs down and make it happen. Skiing friends in better paid jobs haven’t as they see skiing holidays as the alpine catered chalet, flights and transfers included type of deal only. By the time you add in lift passes, these invariably cost around £1000 per person!!! We want to help families access this wonderful sport with its amazing mountains without the hefty price tag – our first week’s skiing holiday cost less than £700 in total for 4 people including transport, lift passes and accommodation.

We ski or have skied in England, Scotland, France, Austria, Norway and the USA and we’ll hopefully explore more places in the future. Our next trip is a big one as we are going to live in the Haute Alps for 10 weeks this winter. Keeping our costs as low as possible, we aim to have a family adventure, teaching the boys some new skiing skills as well as a few business ones too!

Helping you will hopefully help us too!

We hope that readers find our stories and information useful and we’ve provided links to websites where you can book tickets or accommodation or recommended items so that if you purchase those items, we make a little bit of money with no added cost to you. We recommend ways we use or have tried with the aim of enabling our family ski trips of the future!

Family Ski Trip on the piste
Family Ski Trip on the piste